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India: a continuing balancing act for the RBI

A two-equation forecasting model shows that we expect interest and inflation rates to increase in India. It might be worthwhile for the Reserve Bank of India to examine whether it is useful to communicate medium-term forecasts on these variables.

Economic Comment

India: what is the economic impact of the new stimulus package?

The announced stimulus package in October will support the ailing banking sector, but we expect limited additional effects on economic growth of India (of 0.2ppts in fiscal year 2018/2019). Moreover, it is a missed opportunity that the package does not contain measures to foster total factor productivity growth.


Confucius de topcoach (Dutch)

Door sterk in te zetten op innovatie, onderwijs, betere regelgeving en meer vrijhandel kan China in minder dan tien jaar tijd minimaal 6,8 biljoen euro aan extra toegevoegde waarde realiseren. Daarmee zou China de nieuwe katalysator voor de wereldeconomie kunnen worden, op een moment dat de VS deze rol niet meer lijkt te willen vervullen.