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Nexit kost welvaart (Dutch)

Europa heeft voor veel mensen een negatieve bijklank gekregen. Zelfs zo negatief dat de Britten hebben besloten de EU te verlaten en dat in landen als Italië de roep om uittreden ook steeds luider klinkt. Voor Nederland zou uittreding uit de EU om diverse redenen zeer onverstandig zijn.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

House price growth reaches dizzying heights, while sales start to decline

While we still expect house prices to increase substantially this year, sales activities seem to reached a turning point on the Dutch housing market. Hampered by an increasing scarcity of homes in almost all regions, we have adjusted our 2018 sales forecast from 250,000 to 235,000 homes, a decline of 3% compared to 2017.

Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

Dutch economic boom to continue

The Dutch economy will grow by 3.1% in 2018 and by 2.5% in 2019. The global recovery boosts exports and a number of countries offer investment and trade opportunities for Dutch firms. Simultaneously, geopolitical events could have a major impact.