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De Nederlandse gevolgen van Amerikaanse toestanden (Dutch)

De perceptie dat de ongelijkheid is toegenomen is overgewaaid uit de VS. Wat Nederland betreft is dit 'fake news', althans voor inkomens- en vermogensongelijkheid, want die zijn hier niet gestegen. Maar dat wil niet zeggen dat de toegenomen ongelijkheid in de VS geen gevolgen heeft voor Nederland.

Special Dutch version

Outlook 2015

In the Outlook publication, Rabobank presents her yearly economic predictions for the coming year. The macroeconomic ‘Outlook 2015’ is published alongside the Thematic booklet ‘Prosperity in the new economic reality’.

Economic Comment

Central banks to the rescue (Macro Comment)

Central banks from around the globe have recently become more active in supporting growth. These actions are very welcome and may offer some hope for battered Western economies.

Special Dutch version

Worse before it gets better

We have never actually exited the financial crisis. The problem simply shifted from consumers' assets to the banks balance sheets and ultimately landed on governments’ laps, which in Europe are currently attempting to transfer it to a supranational level.