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Rente en valuta: voorzichtig omhoog kijken (Dutch)

Na de stevige turbulentie eind januari/begin februari zijn de financiële markten weer wat tot rust gekomen. De Fed gaat door met renteverhogingen en de ECB zet voorzichtige stappen naar de afbouw van haar ruime monetaire beleid.

Economic Update

Italy: elections unlikely to hamper economic recovery

Italians are very upbeat and don’t seem to worry about the upcoming elections. The short-term economic outlook is quite rosy. We expect the next government won’t endanger the recovery, but at the same time won’t improve the weak long-term outlook either.

Special Dutch version

Italian elections: three scenario’s

The Italian elections on March 4 will likely yield a hung parliament. The reform outlook is weak and some fiscal slippage is likely. We believe the risk of an unexperienced nationalist government is limited, but the market might well be underpricing risks.

Economic Report

Catalan separatists tone down defiant stance

The risk of a new clash between Catalonia and Madrid in the coming weeks has dropped. Tensions will remain high in the coming years, but Catalonia will stay part of Spain. Notably, the political crisis has had limited impact on Spain’s economy.