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Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update United Kingdom

The 0.2% q-o-q growth in 11Q2 is blamed on a host of ‘special factors’. But this is absurd, in our view. The lackluster post-recession recovery suggests the harsh austerity measures have been very ill-timed.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update France

Based on disappointing macro data in 11Q2 and a fall in confidence levels, we have decided to revise our GDP-growth forecast for both 2011 and 2012 slightly downwards. Private investments will continue to play their role as a stable growth driver.

Economic Quarterly Report

Zwakke groei in onzekere tijden (Dutch)

Na een zeer sterk eerste kwartaal van dit jaar viel de economische groei in het tweede kwartaal fors terug. In het derde kwartaal zal de economische groei waarschijnlijk zeer zwak blijven.