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Innovation in China and India

The growth performance of India and China has been astonishing. This paper considers their innovative performance, now and in the future. It looks at the various factors driving innovation, as well as the obstacles that China and India need to overcome.


Poland up to 2022: Fish nor Fowl

The Country Risk Research team of Rabobank’s Economic Department presents to you the study ‘Poland In depth: ten years ahead’. With this study we aim to provide an in depth analysis of Poland and point out the key developments in the next decade.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update Belgium

After relatively good performance in the past quarters, the European debt crisis seems to weigh on the Belgian economy. The sentiment of both consumers and producers dropped sharply since August. The yield on 10-year government bonds dropped to 3.7%.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update United Kingdom

The 0.2% q-o-q growth in 11Q2 is blamed on a host of ‘special factors’. But this is absurd, in our view. The lackluster post-recession recovery suggests the harsh austerity measures have been very ill-timed.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update France

Based on disappointing macro data in 11Q2 and a fall in confidence levels, we have decided to revise our GDP-growth forecast for both 2011 and 2012 slightly downwards. Private investments will continue to play their role as a stable growth driver.


Negen (Dutch)

Een kat heeft negen levens, zo gaat het spreekwoord. Zou de groei van de wereldeconomie net zo bestand blijken te zijn tegen veel schokken, net als een kat?

Economic Quarterly Report

Economische activiteit herstelt (Dutch)

De economie van Japan begon 2011 zoals 2010 was geëindigd: met een zwakke ondertoon. Natuurlijk, Japan werd medio maart geraakt door een zeer krachtige aardbeving die tot een verwoestende tsunami, nucleaire ramp en economische zwakte leidde. De economie ontwikkelde zich echter ook vóór de aardbeving al zwak.

Economic Quarterly Report

Eerst slechter, dan beter? (Dutch)

Het positieve marktsentiment na het akkoord van eurozoneleiders op 21 juli duurde welgeteld 24 uur. Daarna had de markt vooral oog voor de zwakke punten in het plan.