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Franse btw-verhoging lijkt doel te missen (Dutch)

Na het verlies van de AAA-rating bij Standard & Poor’s kondigde president Sarkozy economische hervormingen aan. Afgelopen weekend maakte hij onder andere bekend het btw-tarief te willen verhogen.

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Did Germany's GDP contract in 11Q4?

November’s industrial production figure has been interpreted by some as proof that Germany’s economy dipped into the red in the final quarter of 2011. We still believe a recession is not a done deal yet.

Economic Comment

Germany: Is recession a done deal?

Some have taken Germany’s recent annual growth figure (3%) as a sign that the economy has contracted by 0.2%-0.3% in 11Q4. But this will only hold true if the data on the first three quarters are not revised, which may well be the case.

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Economic Update France

The French economy showed its resilience in 11Q3, but we expect the negative effects of the debt crisis to become more visible in the coming months. There is no reason for much optimism.