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De zin en onzin van de ‘output gap’ (Dutch)

In beleidsdiscussies wordt veel gebruik gemaakt van de ‘output gap’. In dit rapport leggen we uit welke onzekerheden er zijn rondom de schatting hiervan en hoe dit kan leiden tot foutieve beleidsadviezen. Bij gebruik ervan is voorzichtigheid geboden.


Outlook 2013: Lower growth is the new reality

In 2013 the Dutch economy will show a very low growth rate of just 0.25%. Globally, the emerging markets will drive economic growth mostly. We project that, mainly as a result of the euro crisis, the global economy will grow by only 3.75% in 2013.


Political risks in the eurozone (Special)

The eurozone's south is implementing austerity measures while the north is buying them the time to do so. Economic issues are usually extensively discussed. But what are the political risks that might render this strategy unfeasible?

Special Dutch version

Outlook 2012 (full report)

In 2011, we have seen a sluggish continuation of last year's weak recovery from the Great Recession. There are now, however, indications that the economy is once again heading towards a considerable slowdown in growth.