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Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update France

France’s GDP grew in 2010 with 1.5% y-o-y and this year we expect a similar moderate growth. Given a high level of producer confidence we foresee a strong increase in private investment

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update United Kingdom

The 0.6% q-o-q contraction of GDP in 10Q4 was in a word, disappointing. The harsh winter explains part of the slowdown but there are unfortunately other signs pointing to a struggling recovery. Warmer weather may lead to a temporary boost in GDP in 11Q1, but the growth outlook in the coming quarters is not much brighter.

Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

United Kingdom: economic snowdown

The economic recovery remains sluggish. Households are facing major headwinds and the export outlook remains uncertain. Yet, the government still plans to go ahead with its consolidation measures while hoping for the best.

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update Spain

Spanish GDP in 2010 rose by on average 0.15% a quarter in 2010. Due to a further fall in employment unit labour costs fell. A welcome development, since the economic reco¬very is highly dependent on foreign demand.

Economic Quarterly Report

Economisch Kwartaalbericht (Dutch)

De naweeën van de recessie zijn met name in de traditionele industrielanden nog goed voelbaar. De werkloosheid is er hoog, enkele uitzonderingen zoals ons land daargelaten. Bovendien zijn de overheidsfinanciën (fors) verslechterd.

Economic Quarterly Report

Onzekere tijden (Dutch)

De wereldeconomie heeft zich vanaf medio 2009 gestaag aan de recessie ontworsteld. Hoewel de naweeën van de recessie met name in de traditionele industrielanden nog goed voelbaar zijn, is het gevoel van acute crisis naar de achtergrond verdwenen.