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Visie op 2018: eurozone nog niet klaar voor nieuwe crisis (Dutch)

Europese politici zullen in 2018 besluiten over voorstellen voor de nodige versterking van de eurozone. Hiervan is een Europees Monetair Fonds het meest kansrijk. Een eventuele minister van Financiën voor de eurozone en een eurozonebegroting zullen waarschijnlijk beperkt gewicht krijgen.

Economic Comment

Japan: Abe’s election ‘gamble’ turned into victory

Abe and his LDP-Komeito coalition were victorious at yesterday’s lower house elections. The disappointing election result for the opposition side is not surprising when one takes into account the short amount of time for a structured election campaign.

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The permanent damage of Brexit

The economic costs of a Brexit in 2030 are expected to range between GBP 400bn (hard Brexit) and GBP 260bn (soft Brexit), compared to a scenario where the UK would continue to be a member of the EU (Bremain). This equals £11,500 - £7,500 per British worker.

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Japanese snap elections: logic or gamble?

Japanese Premier Abe called for snap lower house elections to be held on October 22. We expect Abe’s coalition to win the election by majority, but major changes on the opposition side can turn the snap election from initial logic to a gamble.