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Outlook 2016: Global Economy

Global growth holds up in 2016, but does not accelerate. With the US poised to hike interest rates, the rest of the world waits anxiously. Normalization of monetary policy poses economic risks, but so does keeping it too loose for too long.

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Outlook 2016: green surrounded by orange

In an international climate where so many indicators are orange, we should count our blessings for now that the Netherlands is set to be a green oasis both this year and next. Things have looked rather different in recent years.

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Macroeconomic developments in Europe

We expect growth in Europe to accelerate gradually, although the economy has far from fully recovered from the Global Financial Crisis. Substantial deterioration in the Greek situation and/or the geopolitical conflicts remain downside risks.


De zin en onzin van de ‘output gap’ (Dutch)

In beleidsdiscussies wordt veel gebruik gemaakt van de ‘output gap’. In dit rapport leggen we uit welke onzekerheden er zijn rondom de schatting hiervan en hoe dit kan leiden tot foutieve beleidsadviezen. Bij gebruik ervan is voorzichtigheid geboden.