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VS: puinruimen na de recessie (Dutch)

Ondanks een verwachte groeivertraging dit jaar lijkt het herstel van de Amerikaanse economie door te zetten.

Economic Report

The return of IFI lending

The global financial crisis has brought the IMF, the World Bank and other International Financial Institutions (IFI’s) back to the spotlights. With large emergency loan packages, they have helped countries to deal with the severe economic shocks.

Special Dutch version

Outlook 2010: globalisation at a crossroads

With regard to globalization, we find ourselves at a crossroads in a number of areas. In this special report we focus on the future - even more so than in our economic Outlook for 2010 and beyond - and we describe the dynamic field in which changes to the economic and political world order are currently taking place.

Economic Report

China: 6.5% is 3.5%, really!

The Chinese government publish consistently higher growth figures during economic downturns in the hope of maintaining social stability. Hence, we expect a growth figure close to 6.5% yoy for 2009, while the true figure will be closer to 3.5%.

Economic Report

Uncovering country risk in bond spreads

When assessing risk in emerging markets, rating agencies used to apply the theory of the sovereign ceiling. This report highlights the reason behind the rating agencies dropping this theory. Furthermore, it shows why investing in local companies at times is less risky than investing in the sovereign.

Economic Report

Stimuleringseffect van de olieprijs (Dutch)

De almaar stijgende olieprijs bezorgt beleidsmakers, bedrijven en consumenten momenteel de nodige hoofdbrekens. Een aanhoudende stijging van de olieprijs kan flinke nadelige gevolgen hebben voor de economie. Dat deze stijging op de langere termijn ook positieve effecten heeft, blijft echter vaak onderbelicht.