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Catalan separatists tone down defiant stance

The risk of a new clash between Catalonia and Madrid in the coming weeks has dropped. Tensions will remain high in the coming years, but Catalonia will stay part of Spain. Notably, the political crisis has had limited impact on Spain’s economy.

Economic Quarterly Report

Visie op 2018: lage inflatie, lage rentes (Dutch)

Ondanks de hogere economische groei blijft de inflatie laag. Daarom is het beleid van de ECB nog steeds erg ruim. Ook de Fed worstelt met lage inflatie. Door de positieve ontwikkelingen in de eurozone zien we de euro sterker worden.

Economic Comment

Japan: Abe’s election ‘gamble’ turned into victory

Abe and his LDP-Komeito coalition were victorious at yesterday’s lower house elections. The disappointing election result for the opposition side is not surprising when one takes into account the short amount of time for a structured election campaign.

Economic Report

Japanese snap elections: logic or gamble?

Japanese Premier Abe called for snap lower house elections to be held on October 22. We expect Abe’s coalition to win the election by majority, but major changes on the opposition side can turn the snap election from initial logic to a gamble.