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Breaking up is hard to do… (Dutch)

Bij de invoering van de euro zijn sommige landen toegetreden zonder al teveel na te denken over de economische consequenties van een gezamenlijke munt. Nu er landen zijn die overwegen om uit de eurozone te stappen, is het raadzaam om ditmaal wel vooraf een goede kosten/batenanalyse te verrichten.

Economic Update Dutch version

Italy: All bets are off

4 December, Italy rejected a reform that would have improved the governability the country. Renzi has resigned, but the initial market impact has been fairly muted. Paradoxically, the chance of a referendum on Eurozone membership has reduced.


The voice of Italy

Sunday 4 December, Italians will vote on a constitutional reform that should support policymaking in Italy. Yet the reform is not without downsides. The suggestion that a 'No'-vote would put Italy on a path towards leaving the Eurozone is wrong.


EU exit contagion risk

In this Special we focus on political exit contagion risk of ‘Brexit’ to other EU countries. We look at the current political landscape in the EU and the rising trend of Euroscepticism. Although we still consider a repeat of ‘Brexit’ more unlikely than likely in all member states, some countries are certainly worth watching in the year ahead.