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The Basics of Electricity Price Formation

Europe is facing very high prices for both natural gas and electricity. In many European countries, the prices of both commodities are related, most of the times. However, electricity prices are not pegged to natural gas prices. This article explains how electricity prices are established.


Hoe gaat Europa afkicken van Russische brandstoffen? (Dutch)

Als de invoer van Russisch gas stokt, komt onze gasvoorziening zonder verlaging van de vraag eind 2022 in de knel. Pijnloze oplossingen op de korte termijn zijn er dan ook niet en de recessierisico’s nemen in zo’n scenario aanzienlijk toe. Wel kan de huidige crisis mogelijk de energietransitie flink versnellen.

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Carbon farming: Four actions the EU can take to make it happen

The EU wants to incentivize farmers to adopt carbon farming practices. Recently, the EU Commission summarized the challenges and actions needed to increase carbon removal. We outline four important ways the EU can enable carbon farming.

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An Introduction to the Sustainability Reporting Landscape

Sustainability reporting is becoming more important, but the different goals, frameworks and regulations create confusion. This introduction to sustainability reporting outlines the important points that companies should pay attention to.


Economic impacts of a carbon tax

The economic impacts of a CO2 tax on combustion vary strongly across sectors, countries and scenarios. Yet, for overall Dutch GDP, it may not matter much whether the tax is introduced only in the Netherlands or also in the EU, EFTA and UK.

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Flexibility – The Key to Energy Transition

Flexibility is a key element in electricity markets dominated by wind and solar PV energy. Besides investing in renewables, we must also invest in assets offering sustainable flexibility such as demand response applications and storage.