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China en de Verenigde Staten stellen handelsoorlog vooralsnog uit (Dutch)

Handelsspanningen tussen de VS en China lijken kleiner te worden na de recente onderhandelingen, maar fundamentele verschillen blijven bestaan, bijvoorbeeld op het terrein van bescherming van intellectueel eigendom en ‘Made in China 2025’. Verder is het niet ondenkbaar dat de handelspuzzel inmiddels ook geopolitieke stukjes bevat.


India: trade wars and capital flight

US trade and monetary policy will have a substantial effect on the Indian economy. We calculate a Indian capital flows model to assess the impact of an acceleration of the Fed’s tightening cycle. Our results show that India would lose USD 22bn in missed capital inflows up to 2022.


India: getting inside the head of the RBI

We have developed a two-equation model to forecast India’s interest rate and inflation. Going forward, we expect that both variables will follow an upward trajectory. In our lower bound forecasts, we are even more hawkish than the repo forecasts from a Bloomberg survey among 46 economists.


India: a continuing balancing act for the RBI

A two-equation forecasting model shows that we expect interest and inflation rates to increase in India. It might be worthwhile for the Reserve Bank of India to examine whether it is useful to communicate medium-term forecasts on these variables.