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Is the Greek debt saga finally over?

A large cash buffer and new debt relief measures limit the risk the Greek government runs into payment difficulties in the short run. Yet due to its high debt Greece stays dependent upon the mercy of Eurozone partners and the markets for a long time.


De euro als internationale valuta (Dutch)

De eurocrisis heeft de positie van de euro niet echt aangetast. De euro is nog steeds de tweede valuta ter wereld, na de Amerikaanse dollar, maar ruim voor de Japanse yen en het Britse pond. De renminbi speelt internationaal nog geen grote rol.

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Q&A French elections: will Macron be able to reform France?

Macron won the French presidency on Sunday. Markets apparently fully priced in his victory. Much of his economic success now depends on his new party’s performance in the June parliamentary elections. There are three main scenarios for government formation.