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Southern Europe and Ireland the long road

Every summit held by EU leaders over the past two years has created an atmosphere of hope regarding a permanent solution to the European debt issues. Unfortunately, every one of those summits had a disappointing outcome. However, it is hardly surprising that the crisis cannot be solved in the short term, let alone in one go.

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Zonder euro is de gulden geen daalder waard (Dutch)

De financiële problemen in de eurozone hebben ertoe geleid dat speculaties over het einde van de euro niet langer taboe zijn. De eenheidsmunt wordt sinds de acute crisis in Griekenland danig op de proef gesteld.

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Euro crisis: ‘we’re not like that!’

Investors have been keeping a close watch on the financial situation of a number of eurozone countries since the Autumn of 2009. Financial markets are chiefly concerned about Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.