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Germany: stable economic growth with challenges ahead

The German economy performs well on the back of a competitive export sector and is rebalancing towards domestic demand, driven by a strong labour market. The recent surge in immigration poses a significant challenge for the German economy.

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Outlook 2016: Global Economy

Global growth holds up in 2016, but does not accelerate. With the US poised to hike interest rates, the rest of the world waits anxiously. Normalization of monetary policy poses economic risks, but so does keeping it too loose for too long.

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Germany: higher growth, but the risks are increasing

We expect the German economy to grow by 1¾% in 2015 and 2% in 2016. However, an escalation of the refugee problem, spread of the emissions scandal at Volkswagen to other car manufacturers and more negative news on the performance of the Chinese economy could affect the solid base of the German economy.


Duitsland: regionale verschillen in de economische structuur (Dutch)

Duitsland kent aanzienlijke regionale verschillen, niet alleen tussen de voormalige DDR en de voormalige BRD, maar ook tussen het zuiden en de rest van Duitsland. Ook nemen de verschillen tussen de grootstedelijke agglomeraties en het platteland toe.