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Can fiscal policy fill the gap?

The ECB has little possibilities to stabilize the economy in case of a new recession. Therefore it is important that Eurozone countries have fiscal policy space to fill the gap. Unfortunately the Eurozone countries do not seem to have enough buffers.

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De voor- en nadelen van eurobonds (Dutch)

Met een zekere regelmaat wordt gesuggereerd dat de lidstaten van de eurozone zouden moeten overgaan op de uitgifte van eurobonds. Dit zijn obligaties die door een centraal Europees agentschap worden uitgegeven ter financiering van de staatsschuld van de deelnemende landen. Wat zijn de potentiële voor- en nadelen van eurobonds?

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Outlook 2016: Global Economy

Global growth holds up in 2016, but does not accelerate. With the US poised to hike interest rates, the rest of the world waits anxiously. Normalization of monetary policy poses economic risks, but so does keeping it too loose for too long.

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Outlook 2016: green surrounded by orange

In an international climate where so many indicators are orange, we should count our blessings for now that the Netherlands is set to be a green oasis both this year and next. Things have looked rather different in recent years.