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Country Report

Mongolia (Country report)

Mongolia's economy is growing by double-digit rates on the back of investments in the mining sector and expansionary fiscal policies. Mongolia's export structure is vulnerable, as it exports only a few commodities, nearly all to China.

Country Report

South Korea (Country report)

South Korea's export oriented economy is weathering the global economic slowdown relatively well, although growth is slowing. Economic policy continues to focus on stability rather than supporting growth.

Economic Quarterly Report

China: Herstel laat nog op zich wachten (Dutch)

De economische groei in China is verder vertraagd. Het beleid van de overheid heeft de groeivertraging nog niet kunnen keren. Ook het derde kwartaal is zwak begonnen, maar een voorzichtig herstel de komende maanden zichtbaar moeten worden.

Economic Update

Economic Update Emerging Markets

Emerging markets worldwide are affected by the economic fallout of the eurozone crisis and lackluster performance elsewhere. Some are still beating this trend, though, while the economic clouds in Mexico and Poland have silver linings.