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How fast is China actually growing?

In this Special, we present our newly developed indicator for monitoring economic growth in China: the China Activity Indicator (CAI). In addition to five traditional indicators (such as electricity output), this also includes an indicator of private consumption. According to the CAI, growth in China in 2015 is closer to 5% than 7%.


Outlook 2013: China

Weakened external demand and only limited growth supporting policies from the Chinese government were the main factors explaining China's slowing growth rate in the first three quarters of 2012. Growth is expected to accelerate this year and in 2013.


Outlook 2013: Emerging Asia

In 2013, global economic growth is expected to be 3?%, with growth estimated to remain subdued in the US (1?%), the eurozone (?%) and Japan (1%). China's economy is expected to grow by between 7?% and 8?%.