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Wankel perspectief (Dutch)

Met deze titel presenteren wij een voorzichtig positieve Visie op 2014. We benadrukken in deze publicatie primair drie positieve aanknopingspunten. Maar we zien en bespreken ook de grootste risico’s die maken dat we dit perspectief als wankel bestempelen.

Special Dutch version

Outlook 2014 - Recovery on a shaky footing

The Dutch economy will not grow in 2014. Unemployment will rise further, and the slight boost provided by the global growth spurt will not be vigorous enough for the country to overcome its domestic woes. US economic performance and the modest eurozone recovery account for more than half the global growth spurt.


Don’t throw the euro out with the bathwater - Theme brochure Outlook 2014

To coincide with the publication of our macroeconomic Outlook 2014, we are publishing a special companion report titled Don’t throw the euro out with the bathwater. In this publication, we present our views on the euro crisis and the future of the monetary union. One of the conclusions of the report is that the current institutional reforms are not far-reaching enough to make the EMU fully immune to future crises.


Gooi de euro niet met het badwater weg - Themabrochure Visie op 2014 (Dutch)

Tegelijkertijd met onze macro-economische Visie op 2014 publiceren we de thema-uitgave Gooi de euro niet met het badwater weg. Daarin geven we onze visie op de eurocrisis en het voortbestaan van de muntunie. Zo concluderen we dat de huidige institutionele hervormingen niet vérstrekkend genoeg zijn om de EMU volledig immuun te maken voor toekomstige crises.

Economic Report

Outlook 2014 - United Kingdom

There are signs that UK’s economic activity is gathering momentum. But the recovery is not on a solid footing yet and, therefore, needs to be nurtured.

Economic Report

Outlook 2014 - Eurozone

The eurozone economy seems to have entered a phase of modest recovery. But, worrisome public finances, limited investment demand and tight credit conditions continue to hamper growth. Current problems are unlikely to be solved by a banking union.

Economic Report

Outlook 2014 - China: balancing reforms and growth

After an ambitious start, China’s new leadership seems to have eased back on its reform drive. Maintaining a sufficiently strong growth rate is still the priority. For 2014, this implies only incremental reforms and a growth rate of around 7¼%.

Country Report

Country Report Slovenia

Slovenia has taken further steps to tackle its banking crisis, but progress has been delayed by an extensive asset quality review that is yet to reveal the true scale of the problem. Depending on the outcome, an EU-led bailout may be needed soon.


Bankenunie: implicaties voor de Europese bankensector (Dutch)

De bankenunie vormt een belangrijke bouwsteen van de institutionele herinrichting van de eurozone. Dit artikel beschrijft de implicaties van de bankenunie voor de Europese bankensector, zowel op de korte als op de lange termijn.

Country Report

Country Report Indonesia

The third free presidential elections in Indonesia’s history (1H2014) will bring a new president into office, as Yudhoyono is barred from participating after completing two terms. There is no clear favorite, increasing policy uncertainty. Also, the external position is weakening.


Monetaire Odyssee (Dutch)

We leven in een wereld van ongekend ruim monetair beleid. Veel commentatoren -onder wie wijzelf- benadrukken dat we ons qua monetair beleid zelfs in onbekende wateren hebben begeven. Dat klinkt wellicht onheilspellend, maar dat is het niet helemaal.

Country Report

Country Report Cameroon

In 2012, the economic performance of Cameroon improved on the back of the oil sector, while the political risks persisted, despite milestones having been achieved.