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Country Report

Country Report United States

The US remains the largest economy in the World, on the back of its highly developed and flexible framework. Bi-partisan politics have rendered the federal government ineffective, but at least the most pressing economic uncertainties have been lifted.

Country Report

Country Report Japan

We believe Abenomics -consisting of fiscal, monetary and structural measures- is a unique opportunity to end deflation and spur growth. However, political reality shows that Abenomics is incomplete as structural reforms are clearly lagging.

Country Report

Country Report New Zealand

New Zealand suffers from a persistent gap between savings and investment. Growth is currently gaining momentum, but this is mainly credit-driven. House prices are increasing fast and the necessary deleveraging process has been put into reverse.


De koppigheid van markten (Dutch)

Financiële markten zijn net kleine kinderen. Je vertelt wat er gaat gebeuren en vervolgens reageren ze eerst alsof ze van niets weten.