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Is the Greek debt saga finally over?

A large cash buffer and new debt relief measures limit the risk the Greek government runs into payment difficulties in the short run. Yet due to its high debt Greece stays dependent upon the mercy of Eurozone partners and the markets for a long time.

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Greek state of play

After the negotiations between Greece and the institutions were discontinued on Saturday, all eyes are on Greece. With no exposure of Eurozone banks and new mechanisms in place at the European aimed to prevent contagion we do not foresee major contagion events in the event of a Greek default.


Statusupdate ‘dossier Griekenland’ (Dutch)

Met de vier maanden verlenging van het steunpakket is de acute crisis verdwenen. Desondanks blijft het ‘dossier Griekenland’ de komende maanden spelen. Deze Special behandelt de feiten en fabels over Griekenland en de gevaren van een Grexit.

Country Report

Country Report Greece

The outlook of the Greek economy outlook is improving, while progress under the bailout program remains broadly on track. That said, future political stability cannot be taken for granted and might weigh on the ability to push through with reforms.