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Country Report Hungary

Thanks to a policy-induced rebound of domestic demand and solid exports, Hungary exited recession last year while keeping its budget deficit below 3% of GDP. Yet, sustainability concerns remain, as unorthodox policies will likely continue beyond the parliamentary elections in April.

Country Report

Country Report Latvia

Following a period of strict fiscal consolidation and economic rebalancing, Latvia joined the euro area in 2014. Its economy continues to rebound strongly from a very deep recession in 2009 despite tight local credit conditions and weak external demand.

Economic Comment

China zet stappen op het pad van financiële hervorming (Dutch)

China begint voorzichtig werk te maken van de financiële hervormingen. Ten eerste is de overheid nu voor het eerst bereid om bedrijven in moeilijkheden te laten vallen. Ten tweede zijn maatregelen aangekondigd die tot meer marktwerking moeten leiden.

Country Report

Country Report Poland

Poland’s economy regained steam in the second half of 2013, as domestic demand gradually picked up. Yet, depending on the decision of the Constitutional Court on a major pension reform, growth could be dampened by additional fiscal austerity measures.