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Country Report Lithuania

Following successful internal devaluation and economic rebalancing, Lithuania currently ranks among the EU’s fastest-growing members. Its new government remains committed to fiscal consolidation in order to qualify for euro accession by 2015.

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Duitsland: komende tijd zonder regering (Dutch)

In de Bondsdagverkiezingen heeft Merkel zowel gewonnen als verloren. Waar haar eigen partij een grote winst boekte, moet ze wel op zoek naar een nieuwe coalitiepartner. Langdurige onderhandelingen worden verwacht.

Country Report

Country Report Poland

Benefitting from firming external demand, Poland’s economy gradually turns the corner and its external position improves. Yet, weaker growth left its mark on public finances, forcing the government to take steps to avoid mandatory spending cuts.

Country Report

Country Report China

Growth in China is rebounding but, unfortunately, still driven by investment growth on the back of government stimulus and credit growth. The government thus still prioritizes on short-term growth, which makes implementing reforms a difficult task.