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Country Report India

Economic growth has been strong recently and is expected to strengthen somewhat in the near future. Although economic policy in India is moving into the right direction, the pace is slow, which eventually might hurt economic growth.

Country Report

Country Report Indonesia

The Indonesian economy has slowed down due to lower commodity prices and the inability of President Widodo to implement reforms and planned infrastructure investments. Meanwhile, he has resorted to populist policies to boost popular support.

Country Report

Country Report Thailand

One and a half year after the coup, the military regime is still in power. Elections are again delayed and stability is preserved through repression. In the meantime, the economy is performing disappointingly with tourism being the only bright spot.


Voortgang in de economische integratie van de ASEAN? (Dutch)

De oprichting van de ASEAN economische gemeenschap (AEC) is een stap voorwaarts in de richting van verdere regionale integratie. De deadline van 31 december 2015 zal echter niet gehaald worden, ook daarna zal er nog een hoop werk moeten worden verzet.

Country Report

Country Report China

Concerns about a Chinese slowdown have increased, but most indicators suggest that the downturn is concentrated in industry and construction. The direct impact of the stock market rout is limited, but it has damaged the credibility of the crucial reform agenda of the government.

Economic Report

China: onzekerheden nemen toe (Dutch)

De directe impact van de beurscrash en depreciatie op de Chinese economie is waarschijnlijk beperkt, maar de crash tast de geloofwaardigheid van de hervormingsagenda wel aan. De terugval van de groei is volgens de meeste indicatoren vooral geconcentreerd in de industrie, maar de onzekerheden zijn wel groter geworden.

Country Report

Country Report New Zealand

Economic growth is slowly decelerating in New Zealand due to prolonged low commodity prices. Low milk prices put a strain on the dairy sector. Meanwhile, the RBNZ in general softened its LTV restrictions, but tightened it for the Auckland area.

Country Report

Country Report Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan had a less fortunate economic year in 2014, caused by the decreasing oil price in the second half of last year and the negative wealth effects as a result of the tenge devaluation. For 2015, substantially lower economic growth and twin deficits are expected.

Economic Quarterly Report

China: flinke afzwakking van de groei (Dutch)

Economische groei in 2015 valt tot nu toe tegen. Vooral groei van investeringen en die van industrie dalen sterk. Overheid blijft hervormen, maar primaat ligt weer meer bij stimulus.