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Economic Update

Germany: at least, it is no recession

German GDP-growth was weak in the third quarter. It was mainly driven by domestic consumption, while gross capital formation attributed negatively. Going forward, we expect this picture to remain unchanged.

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Prosperity in the new economic reality

Economic growth, as measured by GDP, is wrongly considered to be the most relevant measure of progress. A society less focused on economic growth would be a desirable development for a number of reasons.

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Outlook 2015

In the Outlook publication, Rabobank presents her yearly economic predictions for the coming year. The macroeconomic ‘Outlook 2015’ is published alongside the Thematic booklet ‘Prosperity in the new economic reality’.


Kunnen we zonder economische groei? (Dutch)

Vooruitgang gaat om meer dan steeds meer spullen en diensten produceren. Toch lukt het tot op de dag van vandaag niet om van de groeiverslaving af te komen. Dit heeft erg te maken met hoe we nu de maatschappij hebben ingericht.