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Bad news from Spain, default still unlikely

A lot of bad news has emanated from Spain over the past couple of weeks. This is likely to keep the pressure on the Spanish government bond market. But we still maintain the view that a sovereign default in Spain is unlikely.

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Economic Update Emerging Markets

China’s growth has reached its lowest level since the financial crisis. The Reserve Bank of India cut its policy rate by 50bps. Brazil’s central bank also cut its policy rate.

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Economic Update Germany

The PMI manufacturing data in April is pointing to economic contraction in 12Q2. But the other reliable leading indicators suggest the recovery is still on track.

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Economic Update Spain

Spain is back in recession. The economy contracted by 0.3% q-o-q in 12Q1 – exactly matching the decline in the previous quarter.

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Economic Update Belgium

Recent figures show that the Belgian economy did not experience a recession last year and that 2012 started with growth. Although encouraging, this does not pave the way for solid growth during the course of the year.