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Samen apart herstellen (Dutch)

Want de mondiale economie herstelt wel van de Grote Recessie, maar tegelijkertijd zien we dat landen(groepen) sindsdien per saldo minder afhankelijk zijn geworden van buitenlandse tekortfinanciering.

Economic Update

United Kingdom: consumers benefiting from rising asset prices

The recent batch of positive data suggests that the risks to our growth forecast are tilted to the upside. The strengthening job market, receding uncertainty, rising asset prices and looser credit conditions are pushing up sentiment.

Economic Update

France: improving conditions

France might be able to prevent another GDP contraction in 13Q2. This expectation is based on better-than-expected household consumption and industrial production figures. Overall, we take note of an unexpected improvement of economic conditions.

Economic Update

Belgium: a bumpy road to recovery

In 13Q2, GDP growth turned positive after stagnation in 13Q1. Going forward, the recovery is expected to continue, but at a fairly slow pace and subject to downside risks. Robust labour market recovery is not expected before the end of the year.