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Country Update Italy

In the second quarter, the Italian economy managed to realise a modest acceleration in growth. But both industrial production and sentiment indicators point to a new recession in the second half of the year.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update Germany

Germany’s growth in 11Q2 was nothing short of disappointing, especially given the sharp contraction in consumption amid improvement in the labour market. It seems to us that waiting for German consumers to spend more is like waiting for Godot.

Country Report

Qatar (Country update)

Qatar is a small Gulf state with only 0.9m inhabitants, who enjoy one of the world’s highest GDP per capita due the country’s vast hydrocarbon resources. The domestic social situation in Qatar is stable, despite fear of an Arab Spring revolution.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update Belgium

After relatively good performance in the past quarters, the European debt crisis seems to weigh on the Belgian economy. The sentiment of both consumers and producers dropped sharply since August. The yield on 10-year government bonds dropped to 3.7%.