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Country Report

Latvia (Country Report)

Following its very deep recession in 2008/10, Latvia currently belongs to the fastest-growing EU member states. Thanks to its successful austerity strategy and low inflation, the country could join the euro area in 2014.


Outlook 2013: Latin America and Caribbean

While a more challenging external environment has contributed to somewhat slower economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2012, earlier overheating and inflation pressures have abated in most countries.

Economic Update

Economic Update Emerging Markets

Several emerging markets continue to experience a slowdown in growth. Growth in 12Q2 went down in both Russia and Turkey, while growth in China is likely to slow down further in Q3 as well. Meanwhile, industrial production in Mexico remained strong.

Economic Quarterly Report

Emerging Markets Monitor: Groeivertraging (Dutch)

Na een periode van monetaire verkrapping zijn sinds de tweede helft van 2011 meer en meer opkomende economieën monetair beleid gaan gebruiken om de groei te stimuleren. We verwachten dat er meer nodig zal zijn om de economieën op gang te houden.