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China: a balancing act between growth and reforms

The government is currently performing a balancing act between keeping the economy going and safeguarding social and financial stability. Authorities continue to follow a step-by-step strategy to reduce excess capacity in heavy industry state-owned enterprises.


Megatrend 2 - Grenzen aan wat de aarde te bieden heeft (Dutch)

Bevolkingsgroei, urbanisatie en een stijging van de welvaart zorgen voor een stijging van het verbruik van natuurlijke hulpbronnen. In 2030 hebben we naar verwachting 30% meer energie nodig, 40% meer water en 50% meer voedsel. Hoe gaan we dat regelen?

Economic Comment

In oil, rebalancing is the key word

According to the World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency the oil sector is adjusting to the new reality after the sharp oil price shock of 2014. And that translates to low though increasing oil prices.


Oil: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The recent plunge in oil prices will be a net plus for the global economy. The pain will be felt by major oil producers and for some this may cause serious problems. However, we still expect the global economy to gain more than the losers will lose.