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Vietnam (Country report)

Vietnam’s pro-growth policies will result in economic growth of around 6% year on year (yoy) in 2011, but at the expense of macro-economic stability. External imbalances are very high, as the current account posts large deficits and the country’s liquidity position is in a dismal state.

Country Report

Country Report Japan

Japan is an economy running high-speed into uncharted territory. It has boosted growth potential to the maximum relative to its ageing population, boasting among the highest rates of labour force participation and effective retirement age among the industrialises world.

Country Report

New Zealand (Country Report)

New Zealand prior to the crisis seems to have developed a social convention where the government does the saving, leaving spending to households and firms (making New Zealand the exact opposite of Japan in this regard).

Economic Report Dutch version

Japan: tragic triple disaster

On Friday, 11 March, 2011, Japan was struck by a historically severe earthquake, a devastating tsunami, and a nuclear crisis that is yet unresolved.The impact on the lives of those affected is foremost in our minds, dwarfing the huge economic impact, the magnitude of which we attempt to estimate in this Special Report.

Country Report

Indonesia (Country Update)

After growing 4.5% in 2009, the economy is back to its pre-crisis growth level of around 6%. Downside risks to growth are a lower than expected global growth, a reversal of foreign capital flows, and/or a bursting asset bubble.

Economic Quarterly Report

China: Deze tijger laat zich lastig temmen (Dutch)

In het jaar van de tijger slaagde de Chinese overheid er met moeite in om de economie onder controle te houden. Het reële bruto binnenlands product groeide in 2010 weer als vanouds, met meer dan 10%.

Country Report

Fiji (Country report)

The military coup in 2006 marked a continuation of Fiji’s tumultuous political history. Coup leader Bainimarama has remained in charge since, at the cost of democracy. The coup and subsequent repression has isolated Fiji internationally

Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

Weak economic recovery in 2011 not entirely unexpected

During the past year we witnessed a lacklustre economic recovery. And the outlook for 2011 does not look much better. This may be disappointing, yet considering the severity of the recession, it is not altogether surprising. In the United States, as well as in a number of European countries, consumers were living beyond their means for years.

Country Report

Taiwan (Country report)

The island of Taiwan has a dynamic, capitalist economy which has sharply rebounded from the effects of the global financial crisis. Economic activity will expand by over 9% yoy in 2010, a large improvement from the 1.9% contraction in 2009.

Country Report

Maldives (Country report)

A structural country risk the Maldives are facing is climate change. If the sea level rises only by a couple of meters, the majority of the Maldives will be submerged. The political situation is very unstable, as the opposition and the ruling party are frequently at loggerheads hindering any progress on reforms.