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Brexit update: transition ON!

The EU and the UK reached an agreement over a transition period on March 19, 2018. That is good for business continuity but does not affect our Brexit outcome base case. Hence, we maintain our view that the economy will slow down in 2018.

Economic Report

Catalan separatists tone down defiant stance

The risk of a new clash between Catalonia and Madrid in the coming weeks has dropped. Tensions will remain high in the coming years, but Catalonia will stay part of Spain. Notably, the political crisis has had limited impact on Spain’s economy.

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German elections: Was nun, Mutti?

While Merkel was the unsurprising winner of yesterday’s elections, the outcome suggests a shift in the German political landscape as the populist far-right AfD came in third. The process of finding a workable coalition starts now, but we may not see a new government before Christmas.

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Franse verkiezingen: Macron, niemand wist dat-ie het kon (Dutch)

Macron dankt zijn grote overwinning aan een lage opkomst en implosie van de gevestigde partijen. De prioriteit van het nieuwe parlement zal het doorvoeren van arbeidsmarkthervormingen zijn. Een hervormde Franse economie kan leiden tot een herstel van de Frans-Duitse as en verdere verdieping in de EU.