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Spain: Reopening of the economy boosts the recovery

The reopening of the economy has spurred economic activity in the services sector. In Q2 GDP grew with 2.8%. The recovery is set to continue with again strong albeit slowing growth rates in the coming quarters. GDP will reach its pre-crisis level end- 2022.

Economic Update

Australia: From frontrunner to laggard

The transmission of the delta variant and low vaccination rates in Australia, have turned Australia from a frontrunner into a laggard. We have revised our economic forecast for 2021 downwards, as a result of the economic spillover effects of the current wave of, and projected, infections in Q3 and Q4.


Niets om over naar huis te schrijven (Dutch)

"We hebben geluisterd", was de boodschap van ECB-president Lagarde toen zij aankondigde dat de ECB 'huizenprijzen' mee wil nemen in de meting van het inflatiepeil in de eurozone. Maar gaat de gemiddelde consument daar nou wel zoveel van merken?

Economic Comment Dutch version

COVID-19 Economic Dashboard

Hard economic data usually comes available at quite some lag. To gauge the economic impact of COVID-19 we look at more timely economic indicators that are readily available. Data on traffic jams, international flights, and restaurant bookings are released sooner and more frequently. This helps us to better monitor the economic situation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Economic Report

Delta variant forces Australia into new lockdowns

Australia is facing new lockdowns due to the spread of the Delta variant. Nonetheless, we expect the economic impact to be less severe than last year. Inflation reached a high point of 3.8%. However, the central sees this as temporary and the RBA doesn’t expect to hike rates before 2024.

Economic Report

Economy of India recovers from second wave of Covid-19

India’s economy rebounds quickly and economic pain of the second wave will be concentrated in the second quarter. Inflation number were above inflation target of the RBI in May and June but seem to have peaked. We expect the RBI to remain its accommodative stance for some time to come.


Wat betekenen inflatie en deflatie voor jou? (Dutch)

Prijzen zijn altijd in beweging. Prijsstabiliteit betekent dus niet dat alle prijzen stabiel zijn. Inflatie en deflatie hebben gevolgen voor de inkomens- en vermogensverdeling. Iedereen wordt in meer of mindere mate geraakt door prijsstijgingen of –dalingen. Soms kun je je er tegen beschermen, maar de economisch zwakkeren zijn het meest kwetsbaar.


Emerging Market Vulnerability Heatmap

Strong economic recovery by advanced economies is leading to increasing inflation expectations. Tighter monetary policy in advanced economies potentially threatens emerging market economic recovery. Our vulnerability Heatmap provides a comprehensive overview of important economic indicators to signal potential vulnerabilities in 18 economies.