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Economic Quarterly Report

Economisch Kwartaalbericht maart 2013 (Dutch)

De wereldeconomie is sinds het begin van dit jaar in rustiger vaarwater gekomen. Volgens sommigen is daarmee 'het licht aan het eind van de tunnel' in zicht gekomen. Anderen zijn daar minder van overtuigd en stellen dat dit licht afkomstig is van een naderende trein.

Economic Quarterly Report

Light in the middle of the tunnel

The world has entered calmer waters since the beginning of this year. As such, some are already claiming that they are ‘seeing the light at the end of the tunnel’. We caution that there may still be some tunnel ahead.

Economic Update

Economic Update Brazil

For the Brazilian economy, 2012 has been a very disappointing year, as GDP growth fell to 0.9%. So far, the recovery of the Brazilian economy has been weak, but in recent months some positive developments became visible.

Economic Comment

The impact of Chavez’s death

The death of Hugo Chávez on Tuesday not only creates economic and political uncertainty for Venezuela, but also for some of its neighbours.