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Political risks in the eurozone (Special)

The eurozone's south is implementing austerity measures while the north is buying them the time to do so. Economic issues are usually extensively discussed. But what are the political risks that might render this strategy unfeasible?

Economic Report

Zuid-Europa en Ierland in actie (Dutch)

Landen die financiële steun nodig hebben moeten hun overheidsfinanciën en economie flink aanpakken. In dit Themabericht laten wij op hoofdlijnen zien dat er inmiddels in Zuid-Europa en Ierland veel is gedaan en veranderd.

Economic Comment

Irish economy still struggling to recover

After an impressive start, the Irish economy fell back into recession in the second half of 2011. With domestic demand expected to fall further and export growth held back by sluggish growth, the economy is expected to show a modest recovery in 2012.