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Country Report

Serbia (Update country report)

Serbia's external position remains weak, while the position of the government is also vulnerable, reflected by sizable fiscal deficits and public debt.

Country Report

Ukraine (Country update)

The external financing risks for the Ukraine have markedly risen, since the IMF has discontinued disbursements under the two and a half year lending program of USD 15.2bn signed in July 2010. In 2012, economic growth is expected to slow to 2.5%.

Country Report

Hungary (Country update)

Hungary’s economic situation continues to deteriorate with alarming speed. While the ongoing eurozone crisis puts pressure on Hungary’s economy, the government continues to spook investors.

Country Report

Romania (Country report)

Romania’s economy was severely impacted by the global crisis and only started to recover last year, reporting a 2% growth rate. We expect growth to slow in light of the eurozone recession and deleveraging by eurozone banks.

Country Report

Bulgaria (Country report)

Bulgaria is largely praised for its sound macroeconomic and fiscal policies, but its external debt remains high and a slow and complicated bureaucracy, as well as widespread corruption continues to hamper the business environment.

Economic Comment

Hungary: Jumping off a cliff? (Macro Comment)

Hungary’s government is becoming increasingly autocratic, thereby threatening to undo years of democracy-building, while simultaneously risking a sovereign default.