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Country Report

Peru (Country Update)

Peru's macroeconomic policies have remained prudent and Peru's economy is likely to grow by 5.5%-6% a year in 2012 and 2013, but social tensions surrounding mining activity remain high.

Country Report

Turkey (Country Update)

Turkey's economy appears to be headed for a soft-landing, after nearly overheating in 2011. While domestic demand growth came to a halt, exports took over as the main driver of growth. For 2012, we expect growth to come in at roughly 3%.

Country Report

Egypt (Country Update)

Egypt's economy is slowly recovering from the turmoil surrounding the Arab spring and subsequent events. With an elected government in place, some of the uncertainty of the past years has been removed.

Country Report

Malta (Country Report)

Despite the fact that Malta fell back into recession this year, its economy and banking sector have been relatively resilient over the past years. Malta is expected to record modest growth for 2013.

Country Report

Algeria (Country Report)

Growth slowed in Algeria on account of reduced energy production and weaker demand from Europe. Still, due to an expected increase in oil production and further economic diversification, we expect growth rates to average 5% in the coming years.


Bankenunie: hinken op twee gedachten (Dutch)

Een van de jongste toevoegingen aan de Europese gereedschapskist voor crisisbestrijding is de opzet van een Europese bankenunie. De gedachte is dat de bankenunie de vicieuze cirkel doorbreekt waarin bancaire en soevereine risico’s elkaar versterken.