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De euro wordt weer gered! (Dutch)

November was de maand van de machtswisselingen in Zuid-Europa. Desondanks wordt december de maand van het (opnieuw) redden van de euro op een –wegens succes geprolongeerde (?!)– ‘top der toppen’ op 8-9 december. Ik merk dat de gelatenheid bij mij een beetje toe begint te slaan.

Special Dutch version

Southern Europe and Ireland the long road

Every summit held by EU leaders over the past two years has created an atmosphere of hope regarding a permanent solution to the European debt issues. Unfortunately, every one of those summits had a disappointing outcome. However, it is hardly surprising that the crisis cannot be solved in the short term, let alone in one go.

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Outlook 2012 (full report)

In 2011, we have seen a sluggish continuation of last year's weak recovery from the Great Recession. There are now, however, indications that the economy is once again heading towards a considerable slowdown in growth.

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Worse before it gets better

We have never actually exited the financial crisis. The problem simply shifted from consumers' assets to the banks balance sheets and ultimately landed on governments’ laps, which in Europe are currently attempting to transfer it to a supranational level.