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Panama (Country report)

Benefiting from the expansion of the Panama Canal and a series of large-scale public investment projects, the Panamanian economy emerged from the global economic crisis as the bestperforming Central American economy, posting 7.5% economic growth in 2010.

Country Report

Colombia (Country report)

The security situation in Colombia has improved recently on the back of military successes against guerrillas and drug gangs, but the activities of the latter two groups continue to have a sizeable social cost.

Economic Quarterly Report

Brazilië: IMF en Kapitaalcontroles (Dutch)

Onlangs pleitte het IMF ervoor om onder bepaalde omstandigheden kapitaalrestricties in te voeren. In dit artikel leggen we aan de hand van de casus Brazilië uit waarom gerichte kapitaalcontroles soms nuttig kunnen zijn.