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Country Report China

Concerns about a Chinese slowdown have increased, but most indicators suggest that the downturn is concentrated in industry and construction. The direct impact of the stock market rout is limited, but it has damaged the credibility of the crucial reform agenda of the government.

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China: onzekerheden nemen toe (Dutch)

De directe impact van de beurscrash en depreciatie op de Chinese economie is waarschijnlijk beperkt, maar de crash tast de geloofwaardigheid van de hervormingsagenda wel aan. De terugval van de groei is volgens de meeste indicatoren vooral geconcentreerd in de industrie, maar de onzekerheden zijn wel groter geworden.

Country Report

Country report Mexico

Economic growth has slowed as a result of low oil prices and tax hikes, but going forward external demand and investment will support growth. Oil reform will further induce FDI but the security situation in some region remains challenging.

Country Report

Country Report Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s government is on the very verge of a default. Structural problems, economic shocks and weak public finances have yielded a decade of economic stagnation, outmigration, fiscal deficits and an unsustainable public debt.

Country Report

Country Report Uruguay

After years of very high growth, Uruguay’s economy is “cooling off” as exports and domestic de-mand growth rates are both slowing. Uruguay remains susceptible to weak economic conditions in the near region, in particular in Argentina and Brazil.