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Economic Update

Germany: Steady as she goes

Once again, the German economy posted a positive growth figure in the third quarter. The increase has been entirely domestic-driven. We expect domestic demand to remain strong given the solid labour market and the positive investment outlook.

Economic Update

France: Nombres rouges

The French economy slightly contracted in 13Q3, but this was largely due to a bounce back from the strong 13Q2 figure. We expect the recovery to continue, albeit very gradually. Therefore, we do not envisage a robust improvement in the labour market.

Economic Comment

Eurozone: herstel kost tijd (Dutch)

Ondanks de verbetering van het sentiment in de afgelopen maanden vertraagde de groei van het eurozone-BBP in het derde kwartaal. Dit komt met name door het wegvallen van enkele tijdelijke positieve impulsen uit het tweede kwartaal.


Wankel perspectief (Dutch)

Met deze titel presenteren wij een voorzichtig positieve Visie op 2014. We benadrukken in deze publicatie primair drie positieve aanknopingspunten. Maar we zien en bespreken ook de grootste risico’s die maken dat we dit perspectief als wankel bestempelen.

Special Dutch version

Outlook 2014 - Recovery on a shaky footing

The Dutch economy will not grow in 2014. Unemployment will rise further, and the slight boost provided by the global growth spurt will not be vigorous enough for the country to overcome its domestic woes. US economic performance and the modest eurozone recovery account for more than half the global growth spurt.

Economic Report

Outlook 2014 - United Kingdom

There are signs that UK’s economic activity is gathering momentum. But the recovery is not on a solid footing yet and, therefore, needs to be nurtured.

Economic Report

Outlook 2014 - Eurozone

The eurozone economy seems to have entered a phase of modest recovery. But, worrisome public finances, limited investment demand and tight credit conditions continue to hamper growth. Current problems are unlikely to be solved by a banking union.