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Economic Update France

Based on persistent weak sentiment we lowered our growth forecast for 11H2. We believe the uncertainty surrounding the European debt crisis will weigh on France’s economic activity going forward.

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update United Kingdom

The much-awaited QE2 was finally launched in October after Adam Posen, the arch-dove MPC member, convinced everyone to get on board. The programme does not seem to be a success though. Growth in 11Q3 (0.5%) was in line with expectations.

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update Spain

The available production-, sales- and sentiment indicators for the third quarter of the year point to slowing economic growth. Employment took a bit hit, which pushed up the seasonally adjusted unemployment count to over 5 million people.

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Italië: problemen lopen gruwelijk uit de hand (Dutch)

Italië is een schoolvoorbeeld van een land waar liquiditeits- en solvabiliteitszorgen ernstig met elkaar vermengd zijn geraakt. Allesbepalend is dat Italië de financiële markten ervan overtuigt dat het wil werken om zijn solvabiliteit te waarborgen.