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Limited direct Greek contagion through banking sector

In the discussion on whether or not governments should bail out Greece, it has often been argued that by providing loans to Greece, the other eurozone governments are rescuing their domestic banks.

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Is Britain the next Greece?

In our view, there are ten reasons why the UK will not go down the ‘Greek path’ anytime soon. But the new government must plug in its fiscal black hole if it wishes to retain its debt sustainability and its cherished AAA rating.

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Liquidity requirements from Basel make life tougher for banks

In December 2009, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision made proposals to harmonise the oversight of banks’ liquidity. Are these new requirements even more stringent for the banking sector than the proposals for tighter capital requirements?


Krijgt de markt altijd gelijk? (Dutch)

Het steunpakket voor Griekenland dat Europa en het IMF begin april aankondigden is door de markten ontvangen als te weinig en te laat. Heeft deze maatregel de broodnodige overtuigingskracht om de ernstig verontruste Europese markten te kalmeren?


Demystifying the paths towards debt sustainability

In this study the policy options: defaulting on debt obligations, withdrawing support measure for the banking sector, increasing inflation, boosting GDP growth and introducing austerity measures that governments have at their disposal are discussed.