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De tijdelijke of permanente Matiging (Dutch)

Economen noemen de periode van begin jaren tachtig tot het begin van de financiële crisis ook wel de Grote Matiging: een periode van voorspelbare economische groei, lage volatiliteit en daardoor afnemende risicopercepties. De laatste tijd lijkt er in de wereldeconomie weer iets soortgelijks aan de hand: de nieuwe Grote Matiging. Maar hoe lang gaat die deze keer duren?

Country Report

Country Report Croatia

Croatia’s economy is heading for its sixth year of recession, as ongoing deleveraging efforts and structural weaknesses depress growth. Amid worrying public debt dynamics, Croatia’s government increased its fiscal consolidation efforts and adopted some structural reforms.

Country Report

Country Report Russia

Due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Russia’s economy deteriorated; growth fell and the Ruble depreciated. In recent weeks the situation has improved, but risks remain to the downsize, as we may not exclude additional sanctions from the west.

Country Report

Country Report Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s economy is heading for a relatively broad-based recovery, after it emerged from an 18-month recession last year. On the political front, early elections following a major corruption scandal yielded a less eurosceptical cabinet.

Country Report

Country Report Serbia

Serbia’s newly-elected government promised to embark on a comprehensive structural reform programme as the country’s fiscal situation has deteriorated markedly, but the prospect of faltering economic growth could confront it with considerable social challenges.