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The GCC: going cold turkey on oil?

The oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries suffer from the oil price slump while diversification will prove difficult. In the short-run, the necessary budgetary consolidation Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will weigh on political risk.


Brexit: tijdlijn en mogelijke impact (Dutch)

Op 23 juni 2016 kiest het Britse volk of het lid van de Europese Unie wil blijven. Gebeurtenissen rond de Brexit kunnen in drie periodes worden ingedeeld: tot het referendum, de onderhandelingsperiode tussen het VK en de EU en de eventuele daadwerkelijke Brexit.

Country Report

Saudi Arabia: reforms are necessary to reduce economic reliance on oil

Lower oil prices put increased pressure on the Saudi economy. Growth is slowing down and the fiscal situation is under pressure. Implementation of the diversification plan (vision 2030) would be a positive factor, but will be difficult to achieve.