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Country Report India

Economic growth is India is slowing to the lower end of the 5-6% range. Decisive government action could give a boost to growth, but with elections scheduled for 2014 there seems little room.

Country Report

Country Report Bangladesh

Bangladesh has posted strong growth in the face of a deteriorating external environment. In 2012, the economy expanded by 6.3% and is expected to grow by around 6% in 2013. Bangladesh remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

Country Report

Country Report South Korea

South Korea’s economic growth has slowed to around 2% in 2012. Presidential elections in 2012 passed smoothly, with Park Guen-hye winning the elections. The situation in North Korea has deteriorated as the regime has performed a third nuclear test.

Country Report

Country Report Vietnam

With improved economic policies the government has been able to stabilize the economy since early 2011. The external liquidity position improved, but remains weak. In case confidence in the economy falters again, improvements could be undone quickly.

Country Report

Country Report Malaysia

Driven by strong domestic demand, real GDP is estimated to have grown by 5.2% in 2012, but weak external demand may lead to a growth slowdown this year. In mid-2013, general elections will be held that will likely be won by the current government.


Het dilemma van de toeschouwer (Dutch)

Als mensen gaan staan om een voetbalwedstrijd beter te zien, dwingen zij de rest om ook te gaan staan. Maar als iedereen staat, ziet niemand het beter, terwijl iedereen minder comfortabel is. Dit is de essentie van de valutaoorlog.